WAMC Northeast Public Radio Interview Highlights HVSEC Campaign

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On Thursday afternoon, Dec. 3, Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan did an hour-long interview with WAMC/Northeast Public Radio’s Dr. Alan Chartock, president and founder of one of the nation’s leading public radio groups.

Ned spoke about how the Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition has provided clear evidence that this massive high-voltage transmission lines project that would cut a swath through the heart of the Hudson Valley should be terminated for lack of need. Even so, Ned explained, the state’s Public Service Commission seems determined to move forward with the $1.2-billion project, which is being pushed by utility developers who would make 12-percent returns on investment while ratepayers would pick up the tab. An alternative initiative of the governor’s dubbed Reforming the Energy Vision is the way to go—encouraging newer technologies and efficiencies.

Hear the interview online at this link.